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Thyroid Rant

I wish fixing a thyroid problem wasn’t so sketchy.

I was diagnosed with hypothyroid the summer after my Freshman year…so somewhere in the realm of two years ago.

Since, I have been greatly improving.  I guess I should be grateful.  Even when I had an underactive thyroid, I wasn’t experiencing many symptoms except for weight gain.

Now that I am mostly regulated I have lost around forty pounds and I am still dropping weight…but here are where the stupid selfish complaints come in.

I always feel guilty when someone tells me how good I look.  Granted..I have been exercising a bit more and eating a bit better.  But I’ve still been eating junk food and binging at points, so no matter how good I look I feel I don’t deserve the praise.  

My last dose adjustment has my body all confused.  I was tested and ended up with a normal TSH and normal free T4 about four weeks ago.  Now…at a retest..although my T4 is still normal, my TSH is fairly low…. .15 with .3 being the low end of normal.  Although I haven’t had a ton of symptoms of hyperthyroid, I can’t help but think that I’m actually hyper now.  Even though my hands and feet are always freezing.  In the past month I’ve lost about 5-7 pounds, and I ate pretty heartily during that time.

Also…I have had a cold every month for the past five months.  My endo seems to think this isn’t connected to hypothyroidism, but I’ve heard conflicting things about this.

And now I’m going to study abroad for four months when I can’t have a med change.  

I just wish it all wasn’t such a delicate balance.  The difference between too little and too much is so slight.  I know it really isn’t life or death, but I’m just worried.  Ugh.  Any advice out there from fellow thyroid problem sufferers?

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